Monday, January 3, 2011

Push forward science and technology

Liu Qi points out that Peking wants to develop to consume so much, the investment use to the pulling of economic growth action, will cultivate the new consumption heat orders and specially want to strongly develop health, retire to enjoy life a newly arisen life type of etc. service industry, push forward science and technology, education, culture, hygiene and athletics business and related service industry development;Also want reasonable to adjust an income allotment relation, put forth effort to raise the city country residents, income, wait income community in the extension.
On top of that, Peking wants to gradually change a real estate investment specific weight to lead a high phenomenon, the enlargement guarantee housing waits the investment of important people is livelihood realm and concentrate strength speed transportation infrastructure construction, make to alleviate to hug an engineering, orbit inside the downtown to encrypt, underground transportation trunk highway etc. key item early begin to work and early take effect.Over

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