Monday, January 3, 2011

The guarantee housing scale extension etc

Same head in this year 11 months in, Peking sells a new car 750,000, increase 21%.But Peking coming into force from December 24 manages transportation to hug a project rules, 2011, in Peking can issue 240,000 license plates, this means that next year is new car sale quantity in Peking will down 70%.There is expert that anticipate, the half car dealer may be forced to close the door to bowl out.
In being and half days, city economic working conference, mayoral〃 Guo Jin Long says, car in Peking next year consume a policy adjustment, real estate market to adjust to control etc., will bring certain influence towards consuming growth.But Peking is a large city especially, cultivate to consume a little bit hot, promote to consume an upgrade potential is huge, also having residents the income is steady to increase, the guarantee housing scale extension etc. beneficial condition, Peking next year still want to carry out the social consumer goods retail price sum to increase 10% hard or so.

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