Monday, January 3, 2011

000 and turned over than 2005 some kind of

2006-2010 years"15" program a period, economic total amount in Peking crosses over a dollar Reminbi toll-gate and increases to°from 697,000,000,000 dollars 1.3 dollars.All person total output value in the region breaks USD 10,000, the big body compared USD 5600 in"15" last phases 2005 to turn over some kind of.The social consumer goods retails a sum to break CNY 600,000,000,000 and turned over than 2005 some kind of, led off to form to consume to pull moved economy in the Chinese hinterland city.
City Wei secretary Liu Qi emphasize in the meeting summary in morning today:Peking is most important work quickly changes an economy development method in 2011."This is a deep change of economic realm, one to take it by storm a war, and is a protracted warfare.We wait not rise, slowly not get".

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