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While the Mu is strange but is otherwise

scare to death, while the Mu is strange but is otherwise, though urging the soul that the absolute being area burns is many, but is more opposite than solid soul of strange that huge Ning of Mu can also bear to saying of live.A month past, the Mu is strange finally can descend a bed, stand under the bright sun, have never seen strange the Mu of the sun can not help an excitement for about two months of shout loudly.Yan Xi in the distance lifted a find to walk to come over and saw the strange bottom bed of Mu can not help Jiao Chen one- track:"How did you come out?"The Mu is strange to flick to wave hand to say with smile:"You see, didn,t I be free now, in

Also have a moreA spool of chapter 53 blue sky green Yan(the midnight begs to accept to push)Yan Xi knows the strange fusion of Mu gobbled up thou absolute being evil of cripple soul

Mu is strange but is otherwise, though urging the soul that the absolute being area burns is many, but is more opposite than solid soul of strange that huge Ning of Mu can also bear to saying of live.*************8Quick bottom placard, confiscate to hide of please collect, there is ticket hitting a ticket!H,m, also have a moreA spool of chapter 53 blue sky green Yan(the midnight begs to accept to push)Yan Xi knows the strange fusion of Mu gobbled up thou absolute being evil of cripple soul, its soul affirms more strong than ordinary people, otherwise the common run of people if dare to be like Mu strange so the words of the combustion soul, affirmation will

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be want to take back the funds that are existed to overflow in residents and business enterprise hand

Yang Hong Xu also thinks that in the middle of lately adjusting to control measure, most probably of is a house property tax in the individual city experimental unit.
Ye Tan means that also having 1:00 is to want to shorten lever, be want to take back the funds that are existed to overflow in residents and business enterprise hand.
But the industry insider including leaf Tan and Guo Yi also mean at the same time, the policy is comprehensive hair Tiffany Necklace dint of, such as since increment buy building cost, again repress consumption, squeeze to develop a company a funds chain etc. at the same time.Ye Tan means that once investing the hot problem should from revenue from tax and loan cost solution, Tiffany Bracelet "collect house property tax, add an interest alone for real estate market is the best choice."Meanwhile, need to find out several balance points of policies, including house property tax, prepare to sell a gold to take charge of, land increment tax etc. is several policies.Still need to avoid house property tax rate over low or the imposition scope is different to cause of pass on problems like cost,etc.Some experimental unit cities spread not to measure building to collect tax towards saving and on the contrary caused merchandise building the bargain greatly increase.

"It is the third to adjust to control to most easily choose that revenue from tax and guarantee building are breakthroughs

Means house property tax, does the third adjust to control sharp weapon?
The policy is comprehensive hair dint of, such as since increment buy building cost, again repress consumption, squeeze to develop a company a funds chain etc. at the same time.
"It is the third to adjust to control to most easily choose that revenue from tax and guarantee building Tiffany Jewelry are breakthroughs."Make reference to the third policy measure that adjust to control possible emergence, leaf tiffany UK Tan means like this, but because of guarantee the building expect not and obviously, house property tax the experimental unit be thought greatly of more.The house tiffany canada property receipt of custom key lies in increase investor of hold cost, change investor to the future income expectation, once in the future invest income can not catch up replacement costs, such as building price, mortgage and tax fee...etc., the investor has to dump a thing industry.But from a different angle see, collect a house property tax, can drive out a real estate market of the investors of funds real strenght shortage.

First the policy of real estate

Guo Yi thinks Tiffany that currently turnover in the building City and clinch a deal although the price still keeps being placed in to rise passage,should objectively treats this problem, the increment of the turnover is under the background that local inflation, investment outlet short of, urbanization level exaltation, make the real estate undertake an excessive investment need, but clinch a deal though the price is still on the rise,the range soaring has already obviously lowered, this has already carried out the policy original intention of "repress building price over soar quickly".
Certainly, some industry insiders think that the third adjusts to control to not necessarily arrive.Chinese real estate and residence research will the vice- president of association attend to cloud Chang to mean and can not see clearly the evidence that adjusts to control for the third time now.Attend to cloud Chang to think, right away 2011, be still placed in a policy observation to expect currently.First the policy of real estate, the country is ten and"9 · 29" adjust to control medium tiffany UK head the promoting of exaltation, interest rate that pay a proportion, it is already to adjust to control a function all.Moreover, macroscopic economic policy for example steady monetary policy, will also Tiffany Jewelry influence real estate.The second, adjusting controling not only is to pricingly adjust to control, moreover still need to enlarge to guarantee strength for building, the completion of the guarantee building perhaps controls to even have realistic meaning than the adjusting of building price.

Take charge of through a finance

Shanghai easily resides comprehensive graduate division minister of real estate institute for research Yang Hong Xu also hold a market to walk heat easily invite adjust to control of standpoint.Yang Hong Xu said that in October, the whole country is 70 to greatly win building price wreath in city to compare a rise to just have to drop a little bit in September, but the rise saw increment again in November."Performance in the market and government adjust to control spirit run in opposite directions, very tiffany UK likely invite to lately adjust an of controling the measure set."
Adjust to control to the third time of lift a method, second Hao organization director general Guo Yi in the market inclines toward the standpoint of "adjust to control have already become normal" more:Take charge of through a finance, land, tax fee and market, guarantee housing etc. several dimensions have already formed resultant force to the partial adjustment of building City, the problem that needs to be worked out currently is to speed up each item the implementation of the set policy is already.

Friday, November 26, 2010

But stay calm and collected of looking at Xing super eyes

way.Although this answer doesn,t calculate to make oneself satisfied too much,the cold Ao still has much of patience of ordered to nod, two years, oneself all already etc., besides on this day!Just in several personal confabulation moments, spread a burst of voice to ring from the elevator.Hear this voice, 4 people are vigilant of turned head in the past.After a short moment, the front door of elevator opens once again, and from in came out to another youth, was to see after this youth, bamboo voice 3 people of Sung just Tiffany Bracelet of that is vigilant moment disappearance.Sung bamboo voice walks to side in the cold Ao body and depresses an orotund way:"Being little is main, he is another bodyguard, and the Xing is super."The Xing after being super come out elevator didn,t say "hello" with bamboo voice several individuals of Sung, but beside, the body that once rounded their 3 people to directly arrive at cold Ao is Gong body called 1:"Little lord".The cold Ao nature can,t get on high horse, very enthusiasm beat hello with him, but the cold Ao always feels this Xing super to have a little oddness, as for where oddness he also cans not remembers clearly Chu.The cold Ao didn,t talk, but stay calm and collected of looking at Xing super eyes, the person is eyes can,t swindle, from the Xing super double of eyeses, the cold Ao sees him have many uneasinesses at this time, as for is other, the cold Ao didn,t discover what."Probably is oneself over sensitive!"The Tiffany Jewellery cold Ao is from the speech way.Isn,t a cold Ao to think so in fact, Li Tao also feels the Xing don,t as usual is a bit super, from voice and action that he talks, he always feels the Xing is super to really want in the dissimulation wear what, gradual of Li Tao see Xing there are some doubts in the super look in the eyes.The Xing is super to seem to see the cold Ao and Li Tao seeing his/her own look in the eyes a bit not big in the right, for covering up own open mind, the Xing is super Tiffany Necklace to stretch hand whole whole own clothes.Was a bit farfetched to smile for a while, but he is also really a cleverness, the branch opens a topic, averts from a cold Ao scathing look in the eyes and says with a smile right away:"Little lord, belong to under have already arranged good room for you, from have no the place of accommodation over here, so invite a little chief commander for a while, sleep with good strange Sung bamboo voice and the farmland in a house.""!Is all right, where is the room !You take us to go!"The cold Ao takes back his/her own doubt, after all at present this Xing is super to is the escort, according to reason of oneself is father is loyal, and oneself hasn,t entitled to doubt him.So cold Ao not at to just that sort vehemence traverse a person, but very quiet of answered 1.The order that obeys cold Ao, the Xing is super to take cold Ao with Li Tao 3 people to arrive at a room of the 17th floors.Finish settling down a cold Ao and Sung bamboo voice, farmland good strange after,

He be I just say with you of

elevator fanlight a few Shan lights quickly twinkled two times."Stare" of a , moment in the door of elevator is opened."The defense here system is strong."See a such and such scene, the cold Ao cans not help in mind from the speech way.Don,t think more, the cold Ao was along with the that is good strange to walk into elevator of Sung bamboo voice and the farmland.After getting into elevator, the farmland is good strange to directly press a button that prints to have 15, immediately after elevator slowly the underground declined to pass by.Multiply by elevator, the cold Ao can not see the condition of outside and carefully conjectured elevator 1 turn, the cold Ao surprisingly discovers, this elevator of is all to turn a glass manufacturing with the strongest and tough steel on all sides, take curious about heart, the cold Ao stretched hand to clap four walls of clapping the elevator, along with the action of cold Ao, spread the sound of "Deng Deng ……" right away in elevator."The ground floor of control room totally has how much layer!"The cold Ao didn,t turn head and looking at the steel of in front to turn glass to ask Sung bamboo tracked."There is totally 18 F in ground floor, the front 10 F is a laboratory, and the 15 F is a control centre."Sung bamboo voice answer way that didn,t the slightest reserve.Led for three minutes, the elevator stopped down in the 15th floors of ground floor.After coming out elevator, first;What to fall into a cold Ao eyes is a big screen.The screen up showed the whole cold Iceland, had oneself the grass shed for living while just arriving at here and also had oneself the forest for once walking while rushing a pass …….Arrive at this, if however have grow the whole cold Icelands all drive oneself trample at foot of felling.Sit an one and other staff member before these screens, , they are lowering the head at this time engaged what.Is concrete at what is the hurry, the cold Ao didn,t also Tiffany Bracelet notice to see.At this time, when the cold Ao just came out elevator, a walked with Sung bamboo voice youth with look like age to come over.The youth walks to side in the cold Ao body.Just stopped a step, saw cold Ao one eye, the youth said very respectully:"Congratulate a little lord, rush a pass success."Listen to the words of youth, the cold Ao doesn,t understand Tiffany Earring of saw Sung bamboo voice one eye, because of he incognizant at present this youth who.So just peep out this facial expression, Sung bamboo voice meaning that understood him right away, and very quick untied to puzzle for him, way:"Little lord, he be I just say with you of, follow behind a bodyguard of main several years, Li Tao .""!"Listen to the words of finishing Sung bamboo voice, cold Ao this just peeps out a suddenly realize of facial expression, again with at present this Lee is big wave chew the fat in a short while, cold Ao just correspond a positive, ask Li Tao Dao:"I when can return to S City!There is an airplane coming over now?""Still tiffany and co australia invite a little lord first to take a rest here for a day, lord in the house tomorrow evening will send a person to come over."Li Tao sincere answer

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I have to wait a while to go back

anywhere."Hey, aweinspiring, I now have something, not colleges, you can go home, I have to wait a while to go back?", The words of Steve was more anxious, as if to hide something?But the noble a sharp female voice is heard: "That is you waste a playmate, the military four star test can be ." Half did not hear clearly, there is Steve closed the call.Seems to accompany his girlfriend, and it is no wonder, this semester began a few days on holiday, "This guy seems to change another girlfriend, really diligent," and muttered an aweinspiring whispered, shaking shaking his head, but in his handsome appearance really can seduce the girl, soon sixteen years old, he still has not talked about a girlfriend, let alone with the girl, "that" what it is.Hao Yan Huang 八号 Southern Star City in the northern hemisphere, where the winter is particularly Tiffany Ring cold, out of the star Takebe, noble put up the collar to hide his face a half, the star spent a few hours Takebe, the College has a When night comes, if the College could not see a large number of shadows.Just, noble heart suddenly not so nervous, waltz out of the college gate, got into a bus home suspension.The brain itself to the suspension of light trucks windows swept away the charges, with the "ding" is heard, their own little books and three credits, a bit aweinspiring view the rest of their credits, and only three hundred and eighty point .Day six credits car ride suspension, Chinese save 1.4 credit points, breakfast and dinner at home, get their only four credits, so that at least four hundred and twenty monthly calculation of credit points.Parents to their six credits per month, to his brother, eight hundred credits.However noble the credit points are always separate the two hundred hit grandfather, grandmother is account, the younger brother grandfather, grandmother, eight hundred credit is certainly not enough, Tiffany Necklace but fortunately I still can earn from the number of credit on StarCraft point conservation is also good enough.Only a few people on board suspended seven or eight, the end of an old car next to an empty location, the Hao Ran immediately walked over and sat down next to the elderly.Aweinspiring home only five stops away from the college to suspended three hundred kilometers per hour per hour car about twenty minutes away, my parents are separated by more than ten thousand kilometers of new urban construction, brother outside the public sector, the home city of the South ho only own one day, to contact parents through the optical brain.Quickly to the next car suspension, suspended car not stop, rushed to the platform from the four disheveled black people, look a little nervous in the car soon after the eye swept the car for everyone.Four black people just look swept away nine people will quell the car, but with the aweinspiring in the eyes so that black people access to a few tenths to quickly lowered his head, covered with hairs standing up stud, a species of great panic swept through the whole body, cold sweat fly.Never seen such a noble vision of fear, only lightly swept away, what a monster his eye as being like, muddy peak trembling, stripped of clothes like being lost in the ice and snow.Not only his, while the rest are in a panic among the people, all of them a look of fear."Captain, are all human," one whispered to another man in black said."Captain, it appears that the group that provided assistance to certain misfortune," and another Shaoai of black people who turned whispered."I did not expect such a foolproof plan big loophole there, which certainly rings reveal the message, otherwise it will not do that", that were also whispered the captain muttered a bit, as is complaining, but also as in the selfmade himself, but his face was a look of fortitude.Low bow my head, there is a station to the past, a few stops short, this seems very long, tough, short as a few minutes to be pulled into several older, unsteadily Jing Jing, I do not know the other passengers, aweinspiring The four black people had come in the next to have fled also like to get off, and now only own one car and four prehistoric beast was seen as the four black people.Spirit of the thing itself, as people have a tendency of higher instincts of a refuge, adults who saw the car does not immediately get off the momentum, and fled also like to leave the four

Endstart the countdown 5

e inside, but also much thought, aweinspiring card inserted into the light the light computer start slot, and then lay into the open position in the light of the brain, the brain will be your own personal photo identification terminal connected to a standard slot.Positions from the light inside the brain very quickly out of a lot of biological sensors and connecting all parts of the body of awe, "Optical sensors connected to complete, endstart the countdown 5,4,3 ", light synthetic female brain sounded as scheduled."Welcoming the number of students XN30116 noble, this is martial law 136 test of the virtual intermediate star room, select the exercises you want to learn", the next moment, aweinspiring to a large space, a Guangping appear in their eyes.Guangping two categories listed on the exercises, combat class exercises, noncombat class exercises, exercises for each type there are dozens of exercises below, there is a power law of each detail.Their physical poor, do not choose to fight for class exercises, can only choose noncombat class exercises, exercises in noncombat classes are sixteen kinds of the following exercises for the trainees to choose, very carefully awe sixteen kinds of exercises will read it again, and finally selected specifically to improve their fitness and improve physical thirteenth intermediate star Gong Wu.Choosing a power law on the 13th, the next intermediate power law is on the 13th of statistical data, so far, a large Galactic Federation a total of 13,245,563 people choose such a power law, 96% of the constitution may be raised, 4% of the constitution not be into, that this power law is not 100% can enhance the physical practitioners, not for everyone.Wu Xing Gong is also known as midlevel to be able to practice exercises, almost everyone in the galaxy will be one kind of great to be able to practice the method, the popularity of the public nature of this power law does not name, only the number, success depends on practice individuals.Well, this power law, and 96% of the results has been very good, so noble fully understand 了 exercises on the 13th, after three hours have passed, and the remaining good thing is that his back practicing.Exit the virtual trial room, quickly returned to the aweinspiring light card, through a personal computer connected to the Steve Light, "you,re out there, I have chosen the power law."Light the brain of every individual citizen ID Star, each interstellar citizen from birth issued by the Federal computer terminal a light, light the brain records the citizenship information, military Tiffany Ring star ranking information, source of energy information, the credit point information interstellar (credits to replace the coins), Star welfare information , it is also the Star of every citizen passes, not the individual optical brain you can not do anything, there can not go

A surge of humiliation poured out from the heart

akebe breathed before, that if he can succeed in the future, we must not forget the good brother, secretly grateful for the aweinspiring."Well, you get it, I will go back," Steve let go, patted the shoulder of Hao Ran, indicating that he rushed into it.Noble words of gratitude for Steve never say that the brotherhood between them is not a few words can express the pale, and nodded his head, turned and walked to the information desk."Hello, I am noble, I was to learn the middle star Gong Wu, the student number is: XN30116", aweinspiring reported their names and numbers, although there are just very unpleasant episode that period, but his heart was filled with infinite expectation of the intermediate power law had a great hope."Oh, you are noble, the College only mixed with four of the" genius "," glass inside aunt who exclaimed loudly, but also looked Tiffany Ring carefully with your eyes the "name" College students moving, from the student face that seems something.Noble face changed slightly, a surge of heat from the beginning to the rapid expansion of the body, it seems this time he really "name" College of the move, "name" big dry sound, the notorious.Great, my parents gave Tim the "glory", and clenched fists trembling slightly, a surge of humiliation poured out from the heart, then a blank head."Virtual trials, Room No. 136, which is the trial chamber optical card, got it", although it was gossip, but the efficiency is very high, the middleaged women Tiffany Earring will soon be a virtual test of room arrangements, trial chamber and the optical card and gave it to also fall into the blank in the aweinspiring students thinking."How, not mixed up the people, said," who sit inside the famous students see the eye staring at himself, cynical he told."Thank you", aweinspiring to wake up before this time, gritted his teeth, took the photo card from the counter and whispered to thank a bow and left."I do not know Tiffany Key Ring who is raising the son of such a waste, really poor, how to get after this ah", an aweinspiring Gengrang uncomfortable, then floated into his ears. Volume shortage Star Chapter unexpected calamitiesHolding the optical card, noble head down to the elevator, looked up along the way are afraid, afraid to see others that the vision and ruthless defiance of ridicule, fortunately, close to a holiday, is now learning to sing, Takebe people power law very little, and occasionally also a few people.Out from the elevator, the left hand No. 136 is a virtual sixth trial room, walked to the door, and my heart finally breathed, the mood picked up some excitement for a program of light card, "bite" out of 13 6 No. readily virtual trial room door open.No. 136 virtual test of the size of the square only three or four rooms, which only one trial chamber of the light into the brain of virtual terminals, and other noble came, the trial chamber is doors automatically close, the lights automatically turn on th

Steve maintains that he has been careful to protect their own fragile mind

t Tiffany Jewellery to reach the fivestar standard weapons, combat easier, thanks to the original choice is fighting exercises, or really hard to say.""Oh, yes, noble, are you going to choose what kind of exercises? If you choose to fight a successful law practice to be able to more easily", Steve replied very confidently, his ideals, but light armor soldiers, in their own StarCraft role is to select a warrior of light, light a noble choice is creating divisions (light armor design, manufacture, maintenance).Wu Xing start from fifth grade through the detection equipment to be able to practice out of (the ancient Chinese Tiffany Cuff Link called the internal force, interior strength), the internal energy of each level of a large Galactic Federation have set a standard.Starcraft is a game, but as it is to cultivate a large Galactic Federation, found that the development of a Star Talent Star Wars, Star adventure virtual reality environment, is now worthy of a second world of mankind.StarCraft is also the beginning, middle and high school networks in classrooms, which corresponds to each citizen a unique Sim character, although as appearance, height, name and reality can be different, but there is a data can not be changed, that is, Your DNA code and reallife optical brain data.But these reallife data from federal regulatory and confidential, which means that in the second world, the Federal Supreme Council is the only reality you have permission to query the status of authority, of course, this is superficial, not the actual to cicada."Of course is to choose noncombat exercises, you know I,m certainly not suitable for poor physical quality of light a soldier, my goal is to pass five graduation examination, when the time to give you a trim, a light should be no problem, of course, premise is that you can afford to light a "very noble looking forward to laugh, his goal is to be a leading light of a record division, for their families to share the pressure, saying that a big win glory for the parents, but their The constitution has been a bottleneck restricting their own, is the largest Mishap."看啦, our class of" small strong "alive again, but the College is now a big" celebrity ", and our class be contaminated with large optical, extremely bright Yeah," Tiffany Bracelet a sharp voice suddenly sounded from the side.Instant volley to the noble vision of hundreds of road which the loser Ji Chongchong, mocking voice of one after another, the feelings of awe once fell into a hell from heaven, and his face is very pale, into the College from now, if not ancient times "Ah Q" moral support themselves, their afraid of long collapsed.Has been their weak Thankfully, Steve maintains that he has been careful to protect their own fragile mind, but the injury was everpresent, everywhere there is, is this to be more strong and direct.Originally dreamed of becoming a shining source capable, but their ability but can not get the source table, since God gave himself a source capacity, why not give the source can order it? This is not to make fun of yourself? Aweinspiring feeling of a kind to be cruel tease.Well, life is always so helpless, but still has to go on, be useful, have used the word "Ah Q" in the spirit of the victory of the law."Walk, do not ignore this group of bad people," Steve stared at from the side of those classmates walk, tightly pulled a few steps from the gang of unscrupulous noble the rising grazed around the students, so their empathy is furious, not to mention the brother of the parties.Institute of aweinspiring tworun stars like drilling T