Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jail in Dongguan is shilly-shally

Jail in Dongguan is shilly-shally:Insist haircut, probably really human life;The disregard then may form a model effect and lead other prisoners also ignore hair, the jail is taken charge of norm what still start to talk about?
Is helpless under, jail in Dongguan has to ask for an opinion to the judiciary.The judiciary replies BE:"Press the individual case processing."Because of the designation that doesn,t is explicit, jail in Dongguan stills hard put is good, have to first to is slow this matter a slow.
After two months, when the barber again cuts hair for Dennis, he accepted.At full is a baldheaded jail in, only his one person ties the small plait of a wisp per wisp.Whenever collective activity, other prisoners all stare at he sees, the whispers even openly makes fun of, and this makes Dennis gradually accept the rules that has to cut hair.

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